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24 févr. 2005

Unknown Motrech doped in Yahourts

This page has been automatically translated from French using Google language tools.

I did it! Proof with the support, here what you obtain with Google when you carry out a research on the terms " yahoo yahoourt ":

What a satisfaction! Me which announced in my very first ticket on this blog that it is it excel blog aixtal of Jean Véronis who had given me the desire for launching me in the adventure of the blog. And well now I exceed it... -)

But let us reconsider the facts. February 11, Jean Véronis publishes a ticket entitled " Lexicon: Yahoo and yahoourts "bearing on the research of the orthographies of the yahourt term on Yahoo . February 15, whereas I a ticket published on some tests of Y!Q , I found rather sympathetic to refer to the ticket of Jean Véronis by entitling mine "Test - Yahoo pedals in the yahoourt... ".

Several things however worry me on the result which I obtain:
      The blog motrech has a PageRank poor wretch of 0 , whereas that of aixtal is 4 !
      The frequency of use of the terms is rather in favour of Jean Véronis:
      • I use in my ticket the terms Yahoo 8 times , and Yahoourt 2 times .
      • Jean Véronis uses the terms Yahoo 7 times and Yahoourt 3 times (more Yahoourts one time ).
      Moreover, Jean Véronis in his ticket uses the lexical field abundantly referring to the lacteous products, whereas my ticket almost does not speak about it.

At all events, it seems to to me undeniable which the ticket of Jean Véronis is more relevant on the question "" yahoo yahoourt " than mine !
This classification in favour of my ticket would come it only from the title? My ticket is entitled "Test - Yahoo pedals in the yahoourt... " (yahoourt in the singular), whereas that of Jean Veronis is entitled " Lexicon: Yahoo and yahoourts "(yahoourt in the plural).
If such is the case, I council with engineers de Google to drop slightly (much?) the weighting granted to the title of a document, and more complex thing, to analyze the documents in their globality and not like a succession of terms to be indexed. By taking of account the lexical field of a document, and even that of the complete site, one would improve considerably the relevance of the results of the search engines.
I thus benefit from it to reconsider the remarks of François Bourdoncle which had started some "sharp" reactions on the list motrech during its interview with 01.Net: " the technological war of the engines is finished ".
Once again, I will protest high and strong that NOT ! It seems to me far from being finished when I note such results on most popular of the search engines...

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